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Black Chiffon by Paint Couture Paint is an antiquing glaze and doubles as wood stain. Paint Couture Glazes are water based, self-leveling and have a built-in topcoat. With our glaze, you can create a beautiful antiqued aged look, and there is no need to use a topcoat prior to applying it. Paint Couture Glaze has all that you need to enhance your cabinetry, furniture, and craft projects. 


Compared to waxing, Paint Couture Glaze enhances your work with minimal effort to apply. Our exceptional antiquing and metallic glazes come in 14 beautiful colors allowing for endless possibilities. Excellent coverage and superior durability are achieved with Paint Couture Glaze because of its unique formulation with an added topcoat built in. When details and effects matter, use our renowned glazes that are proudly made in the USA.


Preparation: Clean furniture or cabinets using Paint Couture Fresh Start. A light sanding is recommended on glossy surfaces using 220 grit sanding paper or sanding pad. Remove wax with mineral spirits.


Application: Ensure any newly painted projects are thoroughly dried, about two hours, depending on thickness of application and humidity. Paint Couture Glazes are easy to use: brush it on and wipe it off! Apply Paint Couture Glaze liberally with a chip brush, quality brush, sponge, ½” nap roller or cheesecloth. Wait a couple of minutes and gently wipe off any excess with a dry foam brush, cheesecloth or a Paint Couture staining pad or lint free wiping cloth. Be careful not to overwork the glaze.


If working on a large piece, work in small sections about 16” x 16” in size. If you prefer the glaze to be deeper, apply with even brush strokes and let it dry 24 hours for a beautiful protective flat finish. Product may be applied to raw wood and used as a stain; however, glaze coverage will diminish. For extended work time, add Paint Couture Extender. If your applicator becomes filled with glaze when removing it from the piece, rinse your applicator and squeeze out any excess water. Repeat as necessary.


To use Paint Couture as a stain simply apply the glaze evenly with a Paint Couture brush, foam brush, Paint Couture staining pad or wiping cloth, and remove any excess glaze. A second coat may be applied to deepen the glaze color after the first coat has thoroughly dried.


Clean up: Use warm soapy water.




Approximately 10 square feet @ .70 mils per eighth pint (2 fluid ounces) / 59 ml

Approximately 20 square feet @ .70 mils per quarter pint (4 fluid ounces) / 118 ml

Approximately 40 square feet @ .70 mils per half pint (8 fluid ounces) / 237 ml

Approximately 80 square feet @ .70 mils per pint (16 fluid ounces) / 473 ml


Caution: Use with adequate ventilation. Do not take internally. Close container after each use and pour out what you need. Do not use glaze out of this container. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. If accidentally swallowed, contact a physician or the local poison control center. Keep out of reach of children. Product can freeze up to five times and still be viable, however we do not recommend freezing Paint Couture Glaze. Use and store between 50°-90°F. Do not paint in direct sunlight.


NOTE: Color may vary due to screen settings on electronic devices. Visit a Paint Couture Retailer to view Paint Couture Glaze swatches to ensure color satisfaction.





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